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         Hi, I’m Erika, 


a 25-year-old wilderness guide situated in Sysmä. Originally I am from Helsinki. How did I end up here, in the middle of nowhere as some of my friends phrase it?

After my studies with animals I spent three amazing months in Iceland, riding horses and taking people on guided tours on horseback. There I got the spark for what I’m doing now. When I came back to Finland, I immidiately started my wilderness guide studies in Eerikkilä Sports Institute. I met a bunch of amazing people and we were knitted together by all the intensive expeditions of the year. The best trips where probably also the hardest ones.

I also fell in love.  So I moved from Helsinki, first to a small village called Jokioinen. After a year we wanted to live nearer to nature, have our own sauna and a better place for our chickens (maybe we also wanted more room for us two in the house), so we ended up in here, Sysmä.

And we have loved it. As a city girl (never in heart) it took time to get used to the darkness in winter. In a city, there is always light everywhere! I could finally see all the stars! Also what struck me as odd, was the way people always stayed to chat for such a long time if you met them on the road. People are supposedly always so busy in the city.

I talked to many people and it became clear that there was need for a wilderness guide. Päijänne is the most beautiful place in Finland I know, but not many knew about it! I want to change this.

Check out the activities I offer in the selection panel or suggest something via the contact form below. I hope to meet you soon! 

Best regards,

Erika Väkiparta